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M I N N E S O T A   P U B L I C   R A D I O   &   L Y R I C   F M   P R E S E N T

Made possible in part by ireland.com

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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in classical Irish style with Sounds Irish®, showcasing the best and brightest of Ireland's vibrant classical music scene. This sampling of Irish culture and music airs nationwide in time for the holiday - check with your local public radio classical music station for air dates and times.

The Program
Sounds Irish features a sampling of Ireland's prominent classical artists and ensembles, presenting music by the National Symphony of Ireland, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, pianist John O'Conor, the RTE Vanbrugh String Quartet, choral phenomenon Anúna, and composer/pianist Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin. Listeners will also enjoy host Tom Crann's conversations with several of the musicians. View the complete playlist.

Host Tom Crann
Tom Crann   Classical music host Tom Crann is on hiatus from Minnesota Public Radio to experience radio abroad, hosting "The Breakfast Show" weekdays on the Irish music and arts station Lyric FM, in Limerick. With Sounds Irish, Crann shares a bit of the Irish with American listeners for St. Patrick's Day, offering up a feast not of corned beef and cabbage, but music and conversation. Crann discussed his upcoming special and radio life abroad in the Minnesota Monthly feature, The Best Way To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Sounds Irish is made possible in part by ireland.com.
Produced by Minnesota Public Radio and Lyric FM.
Distributed by Public Radio International

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