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Lully: "Pompe Funebre"
Calig 50844

Gesualdo: "Madrigal" from the 8th book
Harmonia Mundi 901268

Liszt: "Dance of the Gnomes"
Ivory 70901

Grandados: "Ghost's Serenade" from "Goyescas"
Naxos 554403

De Falla: "Dance of Terror" from "El Amor Brujo"
CDR 041

Bazzini: "Round of the Goblins"
CDR 041

Mahler: "Kindertotenlieder,"(Songs on the Death of Children)
Angel 66963

Schubert/Liszt: "Der Erlkonig"
CBC 1106

Frank: "The Accursed Huntsman"
Angel 55385

Bolcom: "Ghost Rags"
Albany 325/6

Ives: "Hallowe'en"
CBS 45530

Mozart: introit & dies irae from Requiem

Chopin: third movement from the Piano Sonata No.2
London 417475

Alkan: Diabolic Scherzo and March Funebre
Naxos 553434

Liadov: "Baba Yaga"
Reference 71

Johann Strauss, II: Lucifer Polka
Reference 71

Gounod "Fruneral March of a Marionette"
CBS 45530

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