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Bach's Bible
from MPR Music
March 7, 2002

Title page of Bach's personal bible
© Exultate, 2002
Bach's signatureTitle page of Vol. 2 of Bach's personal bible. Notice Bach's signature in the lower right corner.
Dr. Thomas Rossin, musical director of Twin Cities-based chamber choir and orchestra Exultate, recently brought Bach's bible to the MPR studios. He has done his doctoral dissertation on the discovery of this treasure and on the nearly 400 notations Bach made in the books.

Not only does Dr. Rossin's work give us great insight into Bach's music, but also we are given a new perspective on the place of music and faith in the great master's life.

Classical 24 announcer Lynne Warfel-Holt spoke with Rossin about the history of Bach's personal bible. The interview begins with Rossin explaining the interesting circumstances surrounding how and where the bible was found.



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