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Death tempts old woman with music in Hans Holbein's "Dance of Death" from 1538.

Mel Nygaard's Haunted Farm
For some people, the best part of Halloween is getting a good scare. For one rural Moorhead man, scaring people has become more than fun - it's his business. Mel Nygaard's haunted farm is considered one of the top 10 Halloween attractions in the country.

Conte Fantastique
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Six celebrated musicians brought French composer Andrè Caplet's elegantly chilling "Conte Fantastique" ("Fantastic Story") to Saint Paul Sunday. The work is based on the writing of Edgar Allan Poe

Day of the Dead
Make your own "Day of the Dead" pop-up table display in this feature from Missa Mexicana.

Death leads his aged victim to the grave, beguiling him with the music of a dulcimer.

Halloween music
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Halloween Spectacular - November 3
Spooks and spirits camp it up during a musical visit to Dracula's House and a tour of Frankenstein's castle, as guest conductor H.K. Gruber treats us to a Transylvanian Symphony.

by Rex Levang


ne of the oldest of all classical music jokes goes like this:

It seems a Famous Musician gave a performance in a small town. After the concert, he had to go to the obligatory reception, and a lady came up to him, whose enthusiasm for music was far greater than her knowledge of it.

"Oh, Maestro!" she gushed. "What a wonderful performance!"

"You are far too kind."

"No, no, not at all! It was magnificent. I was simply spellbound! And especially the piece by Bach - so interesting, so different! Now please tell me. Mr. Bach - is he still composing?"

"Alas, madam," responded the Musician, "I'm afraid that poor Bach is now - decomposing."

If you thought that was in appalling taste, you might want to turn back now. If, on the other hand. . . . more

Luring the fool with music in Hans Holbein's 
"Dance of Death"
Luring the fool with bagpipes in Hans Holbein's
"Dance of Death"

A Hitchcock Musical Mystery
Listen to haunting music excerpts from the films of Alfred Hitchcock

Violin: the Devil's Instrument?
The violin has been associated with Satan in Western culture for generations (think of the rock song "The Devil went down to Georgia"), but the "devil as fiddler" motif has evolved in stages over the past two millennia - religions, folk tales, and literature all merge to produce a central myth.

Dominick Argento: Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe
Synopsis of the 1976 opera with drawings of costumed characters.


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