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The House on Cedar Street
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  The House on Cedar Street
The House on Cedar Street

The House on Cedar Street: musical interactive environment
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interactive The Haunted Radio

Remember that house where you went for your first piano lessons? Scary, eh?
Well not as scary as what that house looks like now it has been empty for
years and devoid of life, or at least, human life... hahahahahahaha. It
lies abandoned there on Cedar and 7th Street among the derelict ruins of
downtown Saint Paul. Some say there was once a radio station run out of the
attic and ghostly sounds can be heard from the cobweb-ridden furniture. You
only have to look and the green miasmic mist is illuminated and the songs of
the undead assault your eardrums and shiver your spine into jelly and I
don't mean blackcurrant.

Perhaps you'd like to visit the graveyard: there are no more tickets to the
funeral so stay behind the gates. If things should get freaky, head indoors
for a while where it might be nicer and take the chill off in front of the
fireplace. Cheer yourself up with some reassuring radio programming and
cast out the demons with a pleasant air on the organ or phonograph.

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Haunted organs and classical macabre

Listen to the 3 part Web exclusive show by Pipedreams' associate producer with music for Bach, Vierne, Orff, and Mussorgsky.

audio Listen, part 1
audio Listen, part 2
audio Listen, part 3

Playlist for audio feature

J.S. Bach : Toccata in d minor , BWV 565 –Felix Hell, organ (Saint Peter's Church 2000-01)

Louis Vierne : Kyrie, Mass in C# minor –Pierre Cochereau, organ, Choir of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris (FYCD 064)

Carl Orff: "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana –Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Donald Runnicles, conductor (Telarc CD-80575)

Jerry Goldsmith : "Ave Satani," The Demise of Mrs. Baylock from The Omen –The National Philharmonic Orchestra (Varèse Sarabande 5281)

Caplet : Conte Fantastique – Saint Paul Sunday CD-370

Modest Mussorgsky : Night on Bald Mountain –Minnesota Orchestra, Eiji Oue, conductor (Reference Recordings CD-82)


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