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Interview with Oleg Timofeyev
audio Listen (33:22s)

  Matvei Stepanovich Pavlov-Azancheev, 1888–1963
Matvei Stepanovich Pavlov-Azancheev, 1888–1963

Back in his days as an early-music specialist, musician/scholar Oleg Timofeyev never dreamed of performing Russian music. Then he discovered Georgian-born composer Matvei Pavlov-Azancheev, who created a body of work for the Russian seven-string guitar while languishing in a Soviet labor camp during the Stalin years. Minnesota Public Radio’s Mindy Ratner spoke with Timofeyev about composer Pavlov-Azancheev, and the unique instrument for which he wrote.

Timofeyev performs "Guitar in the Gulag"
Music for the Russian Seven-String Guitar by Matvei Pavlov-Azancheev (1888-1963)
(098458000 on the Hänssler label)
St Paul's Church On the Hill
4 pm, Sunday, November 23, 2003
1524 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105
(651) 698-0371


audio Listen to entire interview (33:22s)

audio conversation with Oleg Timofeyev: includes musical illustrations (24:30s)

audio on Talisman/touring/audience. (5:27s)

audio Pavlov-Azancheev: Jazz Band (1930) (3:17s)

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