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Interview with pianists Amy and Sara Hamann
by John Birge, March 17, 2004

  Amy and Sara Hamann

Sara and Amy Hamann

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Excerpt from Liszt's Reminiscences of Don Juan, a performance recorded at the Schubert Club’s Courtroom Concerts.
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audio Listen to music example
Georges Bizet's “Jeux d’Enfants,” recorded in the Maud Moon Weyerhauser studio by Tom Mudge on January 21, 2004

Amy and Sara became the first American Piano Duo to win the Absolute First Prize in the 14th Concorso Pianistico Internazionale, held in Rome, Italy in October, 2003. Amy and Sara are also the youngest First Prize winners in the history of the National Federation of Music Ellis Competition for Duo-Pianists. In addition to winning the First Prize, Amy and Sara were awarded the Lucile Parrish Ward Award for the best performance of American music.

As winners of the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies' Concerto Competition, Amy and Sara made their professional debut at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul. They study with Alexander Braginsky from the University of Minnesota.





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