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Interview with Guthrie Theater artistic director Joe Dowling
audio Listen (12:33s)

Mindy Ratner talks with Guthrie Theater Artistic Director Joe Dowling about why he chose to stage the Gilbert and Sullivan classic Pirates of Penzance.

Miguel Angel, Jonathan Day, Roger Barbieri, Jim Lichtscheidl and Justin Winterhalter Suzanne Warmanen (Tilly), Tinia Moulder (Kate), Christina Baldwin (Edith), Lauren Asheim (Hortense) and Kersten Rodau (Isabel) Brian Sutherland (The Pirate King) and pirates Jan Neuberger (Ruth), Dan Callaway (Frederic) and Brian Sutherland (The Pirate King) Brian Sutherland (The Pirate King)

Brian Sutherland (The Pirate King), Dan Callaway (Frederic) and Jan Neuberger (Ruth)


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