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Elmber Bernstein
He's a man whose composing career has spanned half a century. A graduate of the Juilliard school, a student of Aaron Copland, Roger Sessions, and Stefan Wolpe, he is a serious artist. But his work isn't in the concert hall, it's at the movie house. From The Ten Commandments and The Man with the Golden Arm, all the way up to his most recent work with Martin Scorcese, The Age of Innocence, Elmer Bernstein's (pronounced burn - steen) music has caused an emotional and involving reaction for millions of moviegoers. After all, isn't that what music in the concert hall does, too? He's been nominated for 13 Academy Awards (winning one for Thoroughly Modern Millie). In many ways Elmer Bernstein is a reminder of past film music's dedication to craft, but always looking forward to see the next step.

Listen in: Hear Elmer Bernstein discuss his work, along with a sampling of his music (RealAudio 3.0; how to listen)

Music from the Show
The Ten Commandments, medley

music for The Man with the Golden Arm

Tiomkin: High Noon title song

music from The Great Escape

Copland: "Prayer" from Appalachian Spring

music for The Grifters

music for The Magnificent Seven

music for To Kill a Mockingbird

music for Heavy Metal

Brahms: part of final movement of Symphony #1

Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra (Chicago Symphony/Reiner)

music for The Age of Innocence

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