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Aaron Jay Kernis
John Zech's guest is Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis. Kernis has a long-standing relationship with the Twin Cities musical community; formerly composer in residence for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; he's now taken on the role of "new music advisor" for the Minnesota Orchestra.

Kernis is a child of his time; his music tells the stories of the world in a highly personal, yet recognizable way. Tune in to hear conversations with him and parts of his Second Symphony, the Pulitzer Prize-winning String Quartet no. 2, "Colored Field" (Concerto for English Horn), and more.

Listen in: Hear Aaron Jay Kernis discuss his work, along with a sampling of his music (RealAudio 3.0; how to listen)

Music from the Show
Love Scenes - Aaron Jay Kernis
CRI CD 635

"Aaron Jay Kernis: 100 Greatest Dance Hits"
New Albion NA083CD

"Aaron Jay Kernis: Second Symphony" City of Birmingham Symphony/Hugh Wolff
Argo 448 900-2

"Aaron Jay Kernis: Colored Field; Still Movement With Hymn" San Francisco Symphony/ Alasdair Neale
Argo 448 174-2

Mozart En Route

"Dance Mix" (includes "New Era Dance" by Kernis) Baltimore Symphony/David Zinman
Argo 444 454-2

MAHLER: Symphony No. 3

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