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Terry Riley
Terry Riley walks his own path in music and always has. He belongs to the camp of individualistic artists who run, not walk, when they perceive there are too many people doing the same thing they are. He's one of the founders of minimalism, he's famous for his all-night concert/improvisations and for his general countercultural outlook on music and life. One of Riley's most famous works is "In C," where the note C is repeated in any number of variations and combinations.

Listen in: Hear Terry Riley discuss his work, along with a sampling of his music (RealAudio 3.0; how to listen)

Music from the Show
"Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets"

"In C"

"A Rainbow in Curved Air"

"Salome's Excellent Extension" and "The Room of Remembrance"

"Salome Dances" and "Cadenza on the Night Plain": excerpts of North Indian Classical music

"My Favorite Things"

Other Sites on the Web
Terry Riley: official Web site

Biography and Discography: from New Albion Records

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