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Peter Schickele

He lives in two different worlds: serious music and humorous music. His alter ego is PDQ Bach, a persona so strong that even at concerts of his serious music, people are wondering what he has up his sleeve. There is much more to Peter Schickele, composer, musician, and radio show host. His musical career started when he was 10, inspired by Spike Jones and Mozart. He's a big fan of entertaining people, of moving them with his music, whether it's PDQ Bach's Concerto for Two pianos vs. Orchestra or his String Quartet no. 2 "In Memoriam."

Listen in: Hear Peter Schickele discuss his work, along with a sampling of his music (RealAudio 3.0; how to listen)

Music from the Show
D. PORTER/C. HOEFLE: "Serenade to a Jerk"

"Stompin' Room Only"


Jerky Gems & his Balmy Brothers: Peter Schickele, John Helgeson, clarinets; David Schickele, violin; George Tharlson, percusssion

Serenade for Three

MOZART: Serenade in B-flat K. 361 Gran Partita (VIII: Finale)

MOZART: Symphony #1 (I: Allegro molto)

Dances for Three (VII: Finale)

P.D.Q. BACH: Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra (III: Presto changio) [S.2 are better than one]

Pentangle, Five Songs for French Horn and Piano (1976)

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Schickele Mix: Schickele's radio program

P. D. Q. Bach

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