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by Dale Connelly, 1/14/00

DC: This is DCR, a news show that is literally incredible. Speeds on roadways all across America are up. Posted limits are treated as mere suggestions ... and some drivers have been criticized for losing touch with reality ... for driving like it's a video game instead of a serious business involving real risk to life and limb.
One such speeder is Wanda Rush. She is a speeding advocate, she operates a website that gives speeding tips, and she joins us on her car phone. Wanda, where are you and what are you doing?

(sfx: high speed engine, traffic)

Rush: Speeding, of course.

(sfx: tires screech)


DC: I thought the arrangement was that you'd call from a parking lot.

Rush: Yeah, well, that's what your producer said, but I have to get somewhere, so ...

DC: Well I think you should either pull over and talk or hang up and drive.

Rush: Uh huh.

DC: Because I don't think a person can fully concentrate on either talking OR driving when they're trying to do both.

Rush: Yup. Right. Right! Got him! Yes!

DC: Got who? Got what?

Rush: Another slowpoke! Only doing 5 - 10 over the limit ...that is so ... mid 70's," you know? This is a new century. Time to put the pedal down!
Go, go, go, go!

DC: So ... you're not going to pull over to talk?

Rush: Can't ... right now. Yes! Got another one!

DC: Ok, we'll do the interview some other time then ...

Rush: No, come on! Just keep the questions simple. Yes/no stuff. I can handle that!

DC: Well, I guess I'd rather talk to you when you can pay attention to me.

Rush: Uh huh. OK.

DC: So why don't we set it up for another time.

Rush: OK. Come on. OK. Come on!

(sfx: honk, brake, accelerate)

(yelling) You moron!

DC: What are you yelling about?

Rush: (yelling) Where's your golf cart, Gramps?
(to self) OK, shake it off.

DC: You know ... I've read studies that say aggressive drivers and pinball wizards are basically the same ... in their minds they're doing the same thing.

Rush: Uh huh. Awww! Dang! Come on!

DC: And I kinda hear that with you.

Rush: (not listening) Uh huh.
Come on, come on! Stay in your lane. Stay! Yes!

DC: And I also read that you don't worry much about police, True?

Rush: No, no. Nope!

DC: You DO worry about police?

Rush: Yes, yes. But ... move, move, MOVE!

(sfx: horn honk)


(sfx: accelerate)

DC: So ... do police pull you over, ever?

Rush: Nope. Come on, baby, come on.

(sfx: accelerate)
(sfx: honk honk)

Yes! Ha ha!

DC: You know ... I'm having a hard time getting anything out of this conversation. You're obviously preoccupied ...

Rush: Don't go! Not yet! This is the best part. I've got a guy on my left ... he thinks he's gonna pass me. Come on. Faster, faster ...

DC: What're you doing?

Rush: Teasing, a little. Bringing him on. Staying slightly ahead. He can't stand it, he's speeding up. Hang on, hang on ... there's a little blind spot up ahead. That's it ... faster.

DC: You know, when you said this wasn't a game for you ...

Rush: That's it!

(sfx: engine sound down)

Go by! Go on! I'm coasting! All Right! Whooo!

DC: You're coasting?

Rush: Go on, sucker! Ha! Now wait for it ...

(sfx: siren)

Rush: Bingo! Ha! Fool! Gotcha!
I led him right into that speed trap! It's there every third week!

(sfx: honk honk)

DC: It's sounding a lot like a pinball game.

Rush: Oh no. It's not a game. It's not trivial. I've very serious about speeding. It's a political statement.

DC: It is?

Rush: This isn't just speeding. It's free speech!

DC: What possible political issue could you be espousing with your lead foot?

Rush: More government highway funding. Especially to upgrade guard rails and crash barriers.

DC: To make them stronger?

Rush: Not stronger, but I want them to react to your impact and push you back out into traffic! Boing! Boing!
And better, brighter lights. And music! And lots of loud music! Ha!

(sfx: accelerate)

DC: I think I get the idea.

Rush: And these freeways should have names ... like Arabian Nights! And Revenge from Mars!

DC: Wanda Rush. Speeding advocate.

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