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Fib Foster Seminar

(music: Theme)

Dc: Hello DCR. It's the April First weekend a traditional holiday time for humorists and satirists, so we've taken the week off. To pay for the vacation, we've sold our air time to Fib Foster Seminars. Fib Foster is going to run a fascinating infomercial during what was supposed to be DCR. It could change your life. It's certainly changing mine, as it's paying for me to recline on the sunny top deck of a cruise ship in the Caribbean. If you object to the idea of an infomercial on public radio I suggest you don't pay attention. The station will return to regular programming before you know it. So coming up a total sell out for money. Stay tuned!


(music: Infomercial theme)

Anncr: Welcome, seekers, to the Fib Foster "Seminars on Tape" Series. Fib Foster presents ... HANG ON! Strategies for clinging to your position on the ladder of success. In a moment, we'll listen as Fib leads a group of Hangers On JUST LIKE YOU through this popular and educational presentation ... But first, this message ... especially for our public radio audience.

Fib: Hi! This is Fib Foster! I started the HANG ON! seminars, because I sensed an emptiness in the traditional race up the "ladder of success." I talked to a lot of people who were tired. They were working 40 hour days and asking themselves, "Is this empty charade really success?" "If this is success, I want something BETTER!" And that's why we're here. We're going to OVERCOME SUCCESS! We'll out flank it, out pace it, re-define it, whup it and send it running home to mama. The relentless push upwards .. doesn't look so attractive anymore. People have seen "ahead," and now they want to get behind. But what does that mean? Where is "behind?" It's different for everyone. And like finding one's special "bliss," finding one's own behind can be difficult, even with two hands. That's why I'm here. So come on the studio audience is waiting. Let's get started!

(music: theme)

Anncr: Recorded live before an audience of eager believers at the Wendell Wilkie Conference Center, Tanning and Video, here's ... ... that master of de-motivation ... the lion of limited expectations ... Fib Foster!

(sfx: applause up, hold and fade) (music: theme fade or end)

Fib: Thank you! All right! Ok! Let's get down to BUSINESS! Here's a problem! Joe has a good job with a big company. Middle management. Knows his work. Well respected. Loves his family ... two kids at home and ... let's face it .... he doesn't want disruptions. He likes his life. Trying to scamper UP the ladder of success ... he would have to take risks. The pressure is there to climb, climb, climb! But he'd really prefer to stay put and Hang ON. HANG ON! That's the name of my program, and my philosophy. You've already heard from others that there are TWO kinds of people in this world ... the contenders and the pretenders. The go-getters and the no-getters. You can find TONS of help if you want to be a contender, if you want to PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH to get ahead. But what if you don't? How about Joe? He's working as much as he wants. Life is good. What could possibly go wrong? Anybody know?

Aud. 1: He could get promoted without even trying.

Fib: EXACTLY! And why is that bad?

Aud 2: Too much money!

Fib: No, no no no!

Aud 3: More responsibility!

Fib: Exactly! With a promotion a lot more will be expected of Joe. More work. Longer hours. Unquestioned loyalty! And will he be paid more? Maybe. Maybe not. We all know more responsibility is a path towards higher pay, but do the two always move ahead at the same pace? No they don't. Joe might be happy with his money right now. He may not want to risk it. I know what you've heard. Strive, strive strive. Climb, climb, climb. Responsibility equals Power equals Money. That's ok for trendy business books but let's talk about the real world. What you want to do is keep pay high, and responsibility low! Simple. Repeat that with me, will you? High Pay!

Crowd: High Pay.

Fib: You don't sound like you really WANT it! You say it like that and you'll get LOW pay. Anybody wanna settle for THAT? (pause) Then say it like you mean it! HIGH PAY!

Crowd: HIGH PAY!



Fib: Uh huh! Uh huh! I caught you! YOU'RE ALL WRONG! What did you do wrong! Anybody know? YOU! Do you know?

Aud 1: (timid) Should we have said less responsibility? Rather than low?

Fib: Ya SHOUT for high pay! But when you're after LOW RESPONSIBILITY .. .. whisper! Because nobody will grant you low responsibility! That's something you have to TAKE for yourSELF! What's one way to take on low responsibility? Anybody? (silence) Good answer! If you take home any lesson from today, if you don't buy the cassettes and leave my books on the shelves and don't sign up for my workshops or subscribe to my newsletter, and refuse to take advantage of the over 100 easy ways to purchase this valuable information ... if you hamper yourself by refusing to do ALL those things ... I still want you to remember at least one point from the Fib Foster Plan! You have to make a non-impression! Say that with me, will you? MAKE A NON-IMPRESSION!

Group: (repeat)


Group: (repeat)

Fib: You! You caught my eye. You didn't say it. Why not?

Tom: I'm kinda independent.

Fib: Have your own way of doing things, eh? Not just a face in the crowd?

Tom: I try not to be.

Fib: It probably doesn't bother you to be singled out this way either!

Tom: I'm used to it.

Fib: That's just fine. Not that you need my approval, because I know you don't. But I have to tell you, you will NEVER get ... what? What won't he get, people?

Crowd: HIGH PAY!

FIB: High pay and ?


Fib: ... and low responsibility. Not with your attitude.

Tom: Well, what can I do? I'm older now and this is the way I am.

Fib: THAT'S the fundamental question! People ask me this all the time. They say "Fib, can I change?" Ask me that!

Tom: I ... I can't.

Fib: Too independent, eh?

Tom: I guess so.

Fib: I guess so? Admit it! You can't change. You can't melt into the crowd. You can't establish and maintain a LOW profile. You can't get high pay and low responsibility. So I have nothing to teach you. Why don't you get out. Go on. Leave. Get!

Tom: Well ... I would, but now I can't because you told me to. I have to be independent and I can't be independent if I'm doing what you tell me.

Fib: (sigh) This is the price you pay for being your own person. Your independence leaves you with no freedom. You're a hopeless case ... but for the rest of you ... there's a chance if you can say "Yes." "Yes I CAN change." I can lower my profile. I can overcome independent thought. Can you repeat that?

Crowd: I can overcome independent thought!

Fib: You're getting there. I want you to take a few minutes ... and come up here and mingle in and amongst these tables that are FULL of my books, tapes, study guides, interactive computer programs, paperweights, penlights, and inspirational toilet paper with a motivational message on each sheet. Come forward, get close to the merchanidse ... and THINK and TALK about overcoming the INDEPENDANCE that robs you of your FREEDOM! Come on get up here! And we'll continue in a minute.

(sfx: hubub) (generic music)

Anncr: As Fib mentioned, the strategies and tips that you pick up today may be reinforced throughout your daily routine. You can pick up Fib Foster's Hang On mottoes, slogans, and mantras on playing cards or place mats. You can have it condensed to an attractive and eye catching wall hanging, or read it off the backs of specially prepared serial boxes. Whichever method works best for you ... Fib wants you to be in the Hang ON program .... a proven strategy for maintaining your position, avoiding promotion, and combining high pay with low responsibility. You can find out more about Fib, read a transcript and listen to this inspirational session at your leisure by using the Internet to go to MPR.ORG and clicking on "Dale Connelly Reporting." Our thanks to Dale for taking the week off so we could bring you this important program! And now here's Fib!

(sfx: applause up) (music ends) (sfx: applause down)

Fib: OK We're gonna lower your profiles. Now how do we DO that? How do we make a NON IMPRESSION? Let's talk about the surface. You've heard the saying "the clothes make the man." You've probably worked for men and women who were "empty suits." The shoes are laced, the blouse is ironed, the vest is buttoned, but nobody's home. Some people dress their way all the way to the top. They look great ... sitting at a board meeting. They don't wrinkle. How do they look?

Aud 1: Rich?

Fib: Money is part of it. Anybody else?

Aud 2: Polished.

Fib: Yes, nothing is out of place. But there's something else ... something in that look that they've cultivated ... something that got them into that board room. They look .... responsible. Responsible looking people are the ballast of our great corporate balloons. When the balloon goes up, everybody has fun. When the balloon starts to sink, top management finds some responsible looking ballast and throws it overboard. High responsibility. Long way down to the ground. You don't want to dress yourself into that position. If you want High Pay, and Low Responsibility, you Create a Scenic Wardrobe! Choose clothes that LOOK LIKE BACKGROUND! What does that mean? Am I gonna buy a red suit?

Aud 1: No!

Fib: Am I gonna buy something loud with checks and stars and sequins on it?

Aud 2: No!

Fib: Am I gonna wear expensive Italian suits? Valuable jewelry? Understated but crisp looking outfits that speak of success and competence? No! If you're going to climb down the ladder or stay where you are, you have to look like something nobody looks at! Wallpaper! Potted plants! Dirt! That's your model and that's your goal! If you can achieve it, it's priceless. So go out today and stock up your wardrobe with brown. Brown shoes, brown slacks, brown jackets, brown dresses, brown accessories, brown EVERYTHING! You want to blend into the earth. Disappear into the ground. Yeah, question?

Aud 3: What if everything in my office is ... like ... orange? Don't I wanna wear orange and blend in?

Fib: Now you've got the idea!

Aud 3: But then suppose we leave the office for some kind of meeting or something somewhere else? I'll stand out in orange. But if I wear different clothes that day, then I won't fit in when I get back to work! How do I ... I mean .... you know?

Fib: Let's examine this situation. Who told you you could leave the office?

Aud 3: I have to. I'm going to an important meeting.

Fib: There's your problem RIGHT THERE! If you're going to an IMPORTANT meeting, you are NOT where you wanna be. Write this down! THE PEOPLE WHO GO TO IMPORTANT MEETINGS ... DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IMPORTANT! They've gotten themselves into High Responsibility jobs! They've got lots and lots and lots to do. Time is money for them .. and yet they get dragged into "important" meetings and are held captive all morning, all afternoon or ALL DAY! Anxiety goes up! Productivity goes down! What WE want to do is break the TIME/MONEY continuum! So that time is NO LONGER money! Money rolls in ... INDEPENDENT of time! INDEPENDENT of effort. INDEPENDENT of responsibility. Now ... Is there anybody here who has the handicap of always making an impression? Anybody?

Aud 2: I always make a big impression because I have a great memory. I never forget a name or a face and I also remember the names of people's spouses and children.

Fib: Good! This makes it awfully hard to Hold ON to that ladder, doesn't it?

Aud 2: I remember their birthdays and anniversaries too!

Fib: Ouch!

Aud 2: I keep getting promoted. Between my work and buying gifts and cards ... I don't have any time left for myself or my family.

Fib: Anybody have any suggestions for this tragic person?

Sue: Can't he just pretend he doesn't remember?

Fib: How about it?

Sue: I'm not a very good actor. I've tried, but somehow people know I know.

Fib: If you can FORGET, you can be FORGOTTEN. Write that down if you don't think you'll remember it. FORGET and you'll be FORGOTTEN. How? Here's a technique you can use. It's called "Mnemonics." Let's say you meet somebody. You, come here. What's your name?

Sue: Susan Perman. Just think of "Superman" and you've got it. Sue Perman.

Fib: (pause) Ok, let's take somebody else. How about you?

Nancy: Nancy Wheeler.

Fib: Ok, good. You're my new boss .... uh ...

Nancy: Nancy.

Fib: Right. So you've just been hired. Introduce yourself to me again as if we're meeting for the first time.

Nancy: Hello, I'm your new boss, Nancy Wheeler. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Fib: Ok! Let's use Mnemonics. What am I thinking? Her name is Wheeler. She said she's "Looking forward." What sort of image does that give me? Wheeler ... Wheeler. A person in a car. They're driving somewhere, LOOKING FORWARD at the road. It's raining. The lights are on. It's slippery. It's slick. She says a prayer that her car will stay on the road, but the only prayer she knows is grace. So she says that. So that's my visual image of her. A woman saying a prayer on a slippery road. What's her name? Easy. Grace Slick. Am I right?

Nancy: Nancy Wheeler.

(sfx: applause)

Fib: Ok! So right away I've sealed off my prospects for advancement. No way I'm gonna get saddled with more responsibility now, and I may be on my way to getting less! All thanks to the simple trick called Mnenomics!

(sfx: applause)

Talk to your neighbor! See if you can find a way to forget his or her name! Use Mnenomics and in a minute I'll tell you more about how you can develop a strategy to blend in to keep Responsibility Low!

(sfx: crowd murmuring up)

Anncr: You're listening to a special broadcast from Fib Foster Seminars about the Hang On program to hold your place on the ladder of success with High Pay and Low Responsibility. Fib Foster wishes to thank Dale Connelly and the staff of Dale Connelly Reporting for taking the April Fool's weekend off and allowing us to bring you this extremely useful career information. If you'd like to purchase Fib Foster tapes, books, computer programs, buttons, headgear, refrigerator magnets, toilet paper, or pocket protectors, call the number at the bottom of your screen. If you're enjoying this special broadcast, please let us know by writing to Dale Connelly Reporting, 45 E. 7th St., St. Paul MN 55101, or by e-mail at "" If you're annoyed by this program, please keep it to yourself, and thanks. In a moment, more low profile advice from Fib Foster, so stay tuned!

(music up to break) (one minute break) (music: theme)

Anncr: Recorded live before an audience of eager believers at the Wendell Wilkie Conference Center, Tanning and Video, here's ... ... that master of de-motivation ... the lion of limited expectations ... Fib Foster!

(sfx: applause up, hold and fade) (music: theme fade or end)

Fib: Thank you. OK, we've just talked about strategies to look someone in the face be introduced to them and then to FORGET THEIR NAME instantly! And you're thinking ... "that's OK for him ... he's a big shot with a lot of ideas and loads of nerve! I could NEVER do that stuff." Well I'm here to tell you ... you're JUST LIKE ME! ANYBODY can do this. But only a few of you will! Know why? There's something holding you up. I think I know what it is. A lot of you are saying to yourselves ..... "I'd like to 'Hang ON,' maybe lower my responsibility level but I just don't have time to stop being so busy. Let's examine that statement. "I don't have time to stop being so busy." Doesn't that get right to the heart of what we're talking about? If you could come up with a simple way for busy people to stop being so busy, you'd be so busy showing them ... you'd make a bundle of money and you'd never know if it really worked cause you couldn't do it yourself! I'm not ready to live that way, but I will take the time here to show you if one of you will pay me the great compliment of letting me toy with your life for a few minutes. How about you?

Jim: (off mic) Me?

Fib: Come on up here! Big strapping fellow!

(sfx: foot clumps fade up)

What's your name?

Jim: Jim.

Fib: JIM! What a great name! That's a name made for someone who wants to "Hang On." That's a name made for High Pay/Low Responsibility! Say that with me! High Pay!

Crowd: High Pay.

Fib: Low Responsibility.

Crowd: Low Responsibility!

Fib: You can have it if you follow my plan ... uh ... uh ... Anybody remember?

Aud 1: Jack?

Aud 2: Joe? Joseph?

Aud 3: Tim?

Jim: JIM!

Fib: You're almost invisible already ...

Jim: Jim.

Fib: ... Jim. You could slink into the shadows at any moment and start collecting high pay ...

Crowd: High pay ..

Fib: ... for low responsibility!

Crowd: Low Responsibility.

Fib: There's just one thing standing in your way. You're too darn big. People will remember you because you're tall. Tall and busy. Too busy to slow down. And even if you DO slow down, people will notice you because you're so ... prominent. So your first job is to reduce your profile. Take it off the bottom. Get the lowest, flattest shoes you can find. Wear a lot of horizontal stripes, keeping in mind that you don't want to stand out too much. And then ... sit. Sit as much as you can. Sit at your desk. Sit at lunch. Slouch. Blend in. With luck, people will begin to not notice you. Your next step is to find a way to stop being so busy. Anybody know?

Aud 1: Think up some inefficient ways of using your time? Like not filing things right, maybe?

Fib: Uh huh. Another one?

Aud 4: Ask somebody to bother you with pointless questions all the time?

Fib: Anyone else?

Aud 3: Don't listen?

Fib: Another!

Aud 1: Uh Don't listen?

Fib: Another!

Aud 2: Refuse paperwork.

Fib: Good! Good ideas, especially the one about the paperwork. Here's one key to making yourself less busy ... make your desk a paper trail cul-de-sac. You want paper coming in to get buried and sit! Let it age, like wine! If you let it sit long enough ... you can dig down to the bottom, pull old memos and letters out and find ... they're no longer important. The memo might be from some clean desk type who's not with the company anymore. Or else the problem under discussion has been solved or it's gotten so big, people with More Responsibility now have to worry about it! Let's see how it works in a little tableau done here by the Fib Foster Hang ON players.

(sfx: door knock)

Bob: Come in.

(sfx: door open) (sfx: huge wads of paper smushed)

Ann: Morning, Bob.

Bob: Morning, Ann.

Ann: I'm looking for the Baxter report.

Bob: The Baxter report?

Ann: I sent it over here last week.

Bob: Come on in! Close the door!

(sfx: more paper smooshing)

Ann: I can't get it closed.

Bob: Put your shoulder into it.

Ann: Ungh!

(sfx: door latch)

Bob: There you go. Now ... the Baxter report?

Ann: You were going to add a paragraph to the first section about the design of the shut off valve?

Bob: Hmmmmm. (rustle paper) Yes, I know what you're talking about. It's in this area over here. Somewhere.

Ann: The final typing is being done today. That's in my cover note.

Bob: Yes, your cover note! A fine note it was, too.

Ann: The engineers want to see that tomorrow, so if you've got something to add, now is the time.

Bob: All right. Thanks for the reminder. I'll dig that out.

Ann: You know, Bob, as a friend and colleauge, I have to tell you ... this place is a disaster area. Half the time people come looking for you and if you're sitting down, which you usually are, they can't see you. A lot of people in upper management don't mention your name anymore. A few of the engineers have never heard of you.

Bob: Really? Is that so?

(sfx: paper rustle)

Oh, look at this! Speaking of "never heard of," here's a staff list from 1985. Huh. Remember Kyle Miller?

Ann: Yeah, he had those kelly green pants.

Bob: Wonder what he's doing now? Golf caddy maybe, eh?

Ann: Or he works on a midway somewhere.

Both: laugh.

Ann: But seriously, Bob, you ought to get your paragraph into my office by noon.

Bob: Look at this! It's that memo from Bill about the proper routing of expense forms! With the diagram! Look!

Both: laugh.

Bob: I think he was really trying to make it impossible to file one.

(sfx: paper rustle)

Ann: Speaking of "impossible," Bob ....

Bob: And get this ....

(sfx: blow dust off, cough)

Our 1979 mission statement! Paragraph 4: "Dynamic Mechanical Widgets is dedicated to the accumulation of gross recipts sufficiently in excess of annual operating costs to assure a significant cash surplus." Old Leatherhead never could bring himself to use the word "profit," could he?

Both: (laugh) Bob: What a guy! What a character! I used to watch his adam's apple bob up and down during meetings. How did someone so goofy looking ever get to be a V.P., eh?

Both: (laugh)

Ann: Well ... I'd better get back to work. We'd BOTH better.

Bob: Right. Right you are. Thanks for the reminder! And the advice.

(sfx: wading through more paper)

That's the closet. The office door is to the right.

(sfx: More wading)

The knob is down about a foot. Just dig and you'll find it.

(sfx: digging)

Ann: Got it!

(sfx: door open, lots of rustling)

Bob: (calling) Just leave the door open! I'll be making my way over there in a couple of hours anyhow.

Fib: Ok, so Bob has effectively reduced Ann's expectations! She knows she's not gonna get any written revisions from him! The Baxter report will be updated without him having to take any kind of responsibility! Plus, he got the encouraging news that people are beginning to forget him. But what's even better is what happens when Ann gets back to her office! Listen!

Ann: Marjorie, take Bob's name OFF my memo routing list. I don't want him gossiping about ME in ten years!

Fib: So there it is! LESS RESPONSIBILITY!

(sfx: applause)

Now ... how many of you are the sort of person who just HAS to get involved. You can't hear about a problem without trying to solve it. When volunteers are called for, your hand automatically goes up. When somebody needs to go that extra mile, you do it! No questions asked! Always ready! Always willing to help! Anybody like that?


Oh, come on! There must be SOMEBODY. You? You? How about you?

Connie: Yeah! I'm like that.

Fib: And I'll bet you've got the reputation now of being THE person to go to when something needs to get organized.

Connie: Sort of.

Fib: But you're hardly given credit for it. And never money, right?

Connie: Well ...

Fib: You've achieved a state of LOW PAY ... HIGH RESPONSIBILITY! You're not alone! There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you! All people have to do is mention a problem to you and you're at work on it! And you do a good job! You're an achievement addict! Addicted to your own COMPETENCE! Admit it!

Connie: Well ... maybe. A little. But I can change. I'll get to work on it today! You've given me lots of good ideas and ...

Fib: Whoah! Settle down. It's not an assignment. First ... admit that you're helpless in the face of your own ability. Come on!

Connie: I'm not sure ...

Fib: You are unable to do nothing! Admit it!

Connie: Unable to do nothing?

Fib: You can't NOT do anything! Until you accept that, you're paralyzed.

Connie: But I never sit.

Fib: You're paralyzed in a state of constant motion! Unable to focus enough of your energy to STOP what you're doing!

Connie: I'm not sure what I'm doing that's ...

Fib: EVERYTHING! You're doing everything because you can't say no!

Connie: Well all I have to do is ...

Fib: SHHHH! Quiet. Don't let yourself take this on. You're trying to please me. Don't do anything.

Connie: But ..

Fib: SHUSH! You've made a good start. But there is so much more work to do. The kind of entrenchment I'm talking about is hard to create and difficult to maintain. You CAN do it, with the help of various Fib Foster study guides, tape seminars, videos, interactive computer programs, non motivational wallpaper, books on toilet paper rolls and our other courses including The Invisible Elite, Digging The Corporate Foxhole, The Joy of Deniability (how to get it and keep it), and Bandwagon Basics (when to be On, and when to be On your Guard). Now ... you could do what most people do and slowly decide on a one by one basis that you need these materials ... OR ... you could buy the whole package all at once for the low, low price I'm going to write here on the chalkboard.

(sfx: chalk) (sfx: crowd goes "Oooooh.")

What's wrong with that? Don't you like it? Is it too high?

Crowd: (scattered "yes's" and "you betchas.")

Fib: You ever hear the term "You get what you pay for?" Huh?

Crowd: (assent)

Fib: Well forget it. I'm cutting the price, just for you, just for today.

(sfx: chalk on board)

From this ... down to this.

Crowd: Oooooh.

Fib: Anybody think it's still too high? Anybody?

Buster: Me. I do.

Fib: You do? Anybody else? Ok .... just one? One person willing to stand apart from the crowd. Have you listened to anything I've said today?

Buster: Yeah, I think so.

Fib: About keeping a low profile. Not calling attention to yourself. Not being a standout. Frightening your co-workers. Staying invisible. Lying Low. High pay, Low responsibilty? You heard it all?

Buster: Yeah, but I still think that number is too high.

Fib: Right, because YOU know YOU need this stuff. YOU of all people. YOU ... unafraid to stand out. YOU are gonna have a hard time learning this and you need the help, right?

Buster: Right.

Fib: Right. I'm gonna give you a special private lesson, Mr. Stand Out. You need this material more than they do ... so FOR YOU, I'm gonna raise it back up to HERE.

(sfx: chalk on board)

Anybody else feel like a prima donna? Anybody else want special treatment?

(music: generic)

All right .... finally let me say that you all have high expectations of low effort leading to big money. It's not gonna work for everybody, but until you try to not climb up the ladder, you can never be sure how far you won't go. Wherever you're worried about going, we can help you not get there faster, if you'll trust us and use the products. Thank you.

(sfx: applause)

(vo over applause) Thank you ... and now ... come on up to the front, bring your credit cards, your checks, your money orders yearning to breathe free and let's take a trip together down the road to happiness in the 21'st century ... the road to High Pay, and Low Responsibility!

(sfx: crowd murmur over music)

Anncr: And now a special word for our public radio audience from Fib Foster!

Fib: I hope you liked tape, and my program to HANG ON to your place on the ladder of success. You, my public radio listeners are especially upwardly mobile and definitely in need of a strategy to connect with High Pay! And Low Responsibility! Call the number on your screen and tell the operator you're ready to blend in, to find the time to not be so busy ... to Hang ON. Then sit back and get ready not to advance, anywhere!

(music: DCR theme under)

My special thanks to Dale Connelly for having the courage to let us buy this time directly from him when everyone else in public radio said it would be morally wrong and illegal to do so. I know he's enjoying his extended April Fool's weekend, and the cruise, and when he gets back, he's going to find his managers are NOT willing to give him More Responsibility. And that means he's halfway to the goal! But it's not just Dale. A lot of people have taken my advice and have stifled otherwise promising careers. People like Beth Gilleland, and Peter Moore! Tom Keith, Sue Scott and Lynn Warfel Holt! Patrick Coyle! Sylvester Vicic! He's definitely not going anywhere all because when I said Hang On, he said Yes! How about you? It's not to late to stay put! Call the number on your screen and I'll be glad to tell you how! Thanks for listening, and welcome to the new century, from all of us at Fib Foster Seminars.

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