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by Dale Connelly, 4/28/00

Dc: This section of our show is brought to you by the Sherpa from Intimida. It's a mighty big car.
The latest trend in car design is the hybrid engine, making it's debut on small cars.

Tk: (tiny voice) My new Dust Mite has a 3 cylinder gasoline engine, and an electric engine. They share the duties and I get 70 miles per gallon!

Dc: The electric/gasoline hybrid may work for upholstered roller skates, but a vehicle like the Sherpa SUV needs proven technology ... time tested systems that have been shown reliable in moving large, heavy objects.
And now such a system is here with the Intimida Gas/Steam Hybrid!

Tk: (big beefy voice) At cruising speed, a standard gas engine does the trick, but for steep inclines and accelerating from a dead stop, the steam plant kicks in.

(sfx: fire and steam blast)

Dc: The same kind of power source that moved the big locomotives of the westward expansion now helps the Sherpa Sport Utility Vehicle cut it's gas consumption in half.

Tk: (big beefy voice) There's plenty of room in the cargo area for coal, and the kids fight over who gets to be fireman! It's great exercise.
You should see their arms!

(sfx: steam locomotive whistle)

Dc: Hybrid engines! The old and new meet to forge the future.
See the Gas/Steam Sherpa at your local Intimida Dealer.

(sfx: screech to a halt)

It's a mighty big car!

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