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by Dale Connelly, 11/10/00

Dc: This is DCR, a news program not to be believed. William Jefferson Clinton will soon be our newest Ex-president. There is already a great deal of speculation on what sort of Ex he'll be. Here in the studio is Harrison Adams, an ex presidential activities coach. Is this really the sort of problem where they need a coach to solve it?

Adams: Being an ex president is very tough. One day you're at the center of the whole world, and the next ... you're a retired guy with not much to do. But everybody is still watching you, so it's not like the pressure is off.

Dc: Still ... it's a very specific field you've chosen. Ex presidential activities coach.

Adams: We've never had so many living ex presidents. And there'll be more in the future. I love the growth potential for this field.

Dc: But ... it's pretty simple, isn't it? You give speeches and play golf.

Adams: Gerry Ford has got golf. That's really not available to Clinton. People want and expect that an ex POTUS will blaze a new trail. Plus, Ford is a lot better.

Dc: There's been some suggestion that Mr. Clinton might do well to take on a kind of "world leader" without portfolio position.

Adams: Jimmy Carter has that sewn up.

Dc: What has George Bush senior chosen for his specialty?

Adams: There's a good example of what happens when you don't have someone like me on ex presidential activities. George Sr ... he's been searching for something to do. I mean ... sky diving! Really! You can't make a hobby out of that. It's just gravity. That's dumber than golf.

Dc: So ... what can Clinton do?

Adams: Something that suits his interests.

Dc: Such as ...?

Adams: I think Mr. Clinton will focus on playing the president in movies and on TV. He already knows how to do it. And the demand is sky high. It seems like every new movie or TV series has a president in it. It would be hard to unseat Martin Sheen, but he can only serve two terms! It wouldn't be hard to get in there, if your name were Bill Clinton.

Dc: Isn't that best left to the professional actors?

Adams: Anytime you pretend and they pay you for it, that makes you a professional actor. So ... I believe he's in the club, whether he's got a card or not.

Dc: And the demand is high?

Adams: Let me tell you ... it is so high that for the movie The Contender, they got Jeff Bridges to play the president. Nothing against Jeff Bridges, but c'mon! Clinton has this role down pat.

Dc: It's an interesting suggestion.

Adams: I would represent him.

Dc: You think he'd go for it?

Adams: After I said the magic word.

Dc: Money?

Adams: Starlets!

Dc: Harrison Adams is an ex presidential activities coach. Thanks for stopping by.


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