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The New Releases turns 35

I'll celebrate 35 years of continuous employment with MPR (or its predecessor) on the afternoon of August 20, the date I arrived (following a term of summer school at Oberlin Conservatory) to begin my new career in Minnesota. I arrived after the office had closed, but joined Arthur Hoehn in the control room for an evening of 'getting to know' the place and its requirements. Technically, August 21 was my first full day of MPR employment.

The one program with which I have maintained a continuous on-air presence since my beginnings at MPR is THE NEW RELEASES (a concept which I inherited from my predecessor, Robert Sachek, but made 'my own' probably during the first week in September (documention is hazy on the exact date...however, I did not host THE NEW RELEASES during my first two weeks in Collegeville; Sachek had pre-recorded two filler programs prior to his departure and my arrival).

Since THE NEW RELEASES has evolved beyond simply a place where 'new releases' are played, and has developed a reputation as a weekly time where uncommon things may be discovered by curious listeners, for the fun of it on August 21 (to observe my 35th 'anniversary' a day late) I have chosen to replay an item by British composer Gavin Bryars, titled "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" which, because of the subtle, repetitious nature of its content, caused one concerned listener to call the St. Paul Police, thinking that perhaps something had happened in the control room, as the record (a CD, actually) seemed to be 'stuck', repeating the same 50-second song over and over and over.... The Police DID come, and the careful listener would have noticed that Mr. Bryars has woven a rich, melodious, veerrrryyy slowly transforming instrumental accompaniment around the fragile, repeated vocalization of the song, "Jesus blood...". The effect is either deeply moving, even transcendent, or irritating. Obviously, I'm in the first camp, and invite listeners familiar with the piece to join me for a rehearing (beginning @10:40PM...this special edition of THE NEW RELEASES will run until midnight). Those unfamiliar with the work can approach it for the first time and decide how they feel about it.

The first part of the August 20 broadcast of THE NEW RELEASES will, as usual, contain music selected in the hours before the program begins, revealing new nuances in the ever lively world of classical music on record—MB

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Reminisce over 35 years of Michael Barone's voice, musical selections, and distinct perspective! Please share your memories of listening to Michael here.. If the inspiration hits you, share a toast or musical dedication to Michael.

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