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Springtime in Paris
Art of the Time

"An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original." - Jean Cocteau

Never in history had so many different artistic mediums converged in one place for a common goal, and the event was the realization of an ideal long held by many, an effort to fuse art with everyday life. Below are a few artists representative of the period, both influences of and influenced by Satie and Les Six. In addition to those shown, other relevant artists include: Jean Cocteau, René Magritte, Charles Martin, Jean Arp, and André Derain.

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The Disquieting Muses

Bicycle Wheel Ready-made

Ingres' Violin
  The Disquieting Muses, by Giorgio de Chirico
From the Arts & New Media: Surrealism
Bicycle Wheel Ready-made, by Marcel Duchamp
From the Arts & New Media: Dada
Ingres' Violin (Le Violin d'Ingres), by Man Ray
From the Arts & New Media: Surrealism
The Bottle of Rum
La Fin du monde
Amorous Parade
  The Bottle of Rum, by Georges Braque
From the Arts & New Media: Synthetic Cubism
  La Fin du monde, film裠 par l'ange N.D., by Fernand L覥r
From the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  Amorous Parade, by Francis Picabia
From the Arts & New Media: Dada
Still-Life (Fantomas)
Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale
The Tilled Field
  Still-Life (Fantomas), by Juan Gris
From the Arts & New Media: Synthetic Cubism

  Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale, by Max Ernst
From the Arts & New Media: Surrealism

  The Tilled Field, by Joan Miró
From the Arts & New Media: Surrealism


Other Resources

The Arts & New Media: A University of Southern California Course (Comm 544) taught by Prof. James Beniger. This outstanding resource offers a wealth of images - of particular interest are those from the Surrealism, Dada, and Synthetic Cubism Periods.

Online Picasso Project: A year-by-year analysis of Picasso's life and work; the "First World War - Paris & Rome" and "Beauty Must Be Convulsive" periods relate to his work with Satie & Les Six.

Illustrations of Erik Satie: Satie was fascinated by dirigibles, spacecraft, and architecture, as these offhand sketches illustrate.

Picasso & Parade: This Encyclopedia Britannica article covers Picasso's whole career, including a summation of his collaboration with Satie on Parade.

Surrealists and Surrealism: A superbly designed site that captures the aesthetic essence of the movement, Surrealists and Surrealism offers background and images from de Chirico, Picasso, Ernst, and others.

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