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Instrumental Women from MPR Music

FEMALE MUSICIANS IN THE UNITED STATES have gone from playing piano in their families' drawing rooms during the early 20th century to conducting or composing for some of the country's most renowned orchestras today. But it hasn't been an easy road to travel. Women who have faced incidents of prejudice in their careers as musicians recount the hurdles they've had to overcome in Instrumental Women—a two-hour radio special that celebrates women's contributions to 20th century classical music.

Lauren RicoHOST LAUREN RICO has been able to combine her love of music with her passion for public radio for the past 11 years. A longtime student of the french horn, Rico holds a master's degree from George Mason University. She has worked at numerous radio stations in Tampa, Washington D.C., New York City, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Rico has been on the staff of Classical 24, Minnesota Public Radio's national classical music service since 1999. She and miniature schnauzer Tasha call St. Paul home.

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Winner of the 2002 Gracie Allen Award Winner of the 2002 Gracie Allen Award.

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Cultivating Music in America: Women Patronsand Activists Since 1860, Ralph P. Locke (Editor), Cyrilla Barr (editor).

Musical Women in England, 1870-1914: Encroaching on All Man's Privileges,by Paula Gillett

Wagner Nights, Joseph Horowitz.

Women in Music: An Anthology of Source Reading from the Middle Ages to the Present., Carol Neuls-Bates (editor).

Women and Music: A History, Karin Pendle (editor).

Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950,Jane Bowers, Judith Tick (editors)

People Heard on the Program
Christine Ammer: Author of Unsung: A History of Women in Music, The HarperCollins Dictionary of Music, 3rd Edition, and The A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms.
Heather Buchman
Heather Buchman: Principal trombone, San Diego Symphony, and conducting student at Julliard.
JoAnn Falletta: Conductor of the Buffalo and Virginia Symphonies. First Artistic Director of the Women's Philharmonic.
Jorja Fleezanis
Jorja Fleezanis: Concertmaster, Minnesota Orchestra since 1989. Previously Associate Concertmaster with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
Jane Glover
Jane Glover: Principal Conductor of the London Choral Society.
Bill McGlaughlin: Musician, conductor and host of Saint Paul Sunday.
Tim Page
Tim Page: Culture Critic, Washington Post. Former Artistic Advisor, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra; Pulitzer Prize winner for journalism; former critic, New York Times; author.
Lois Schaeffer
Lois Schaeffer: Former flutist with New York City Opera Orchestra and Bostom Symphony. One of the first professional women in a major orchestra.
Marie Speziale: First female trumpet player in a major symphony. Currently retired after over 30 years as associate principal trumpet with the with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. President of International Women's Brass Conference.
Kate Tamarkin: Conductor of the East Texas and Monterry Symphony Orchestras and formerly Associate Conductor of the Dallas Symphony.
Gail Williams
Gail Williams: Retired Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Professor of Music, Northwestern University.
Nan Washburn: Conductor of the Plymouth and West Hollywood Symphony Orchestras. Flutist and co-founder of the Women's Philharmonic.
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