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World Choral Symposium
Orchestra Hall
Saturday, August 10, 2002
1:30 PM


Gifu High School Choir | Namibia National Youth Choir | The Norwegian Soloists Choir

Gifu High School Choir
From Japan
Miyoko Nakamura, Conductor
Junichi Komiyama, Accompanist
[Announcer: Bruce W. Becker, Board Member, WCS6 Board of Directors]

Oiwake Bushiko Minao Shibata

Mizu no Kito Akira Nishimura

Dai Ichi no Kito (First Prayer)

Uta - Sakura Toru Takemitsu

Gifu High School Choir
Gifu High School was founded in 1873 near Mt. Kinka, on which stands Gifu Castle, built by Nobunaga Oda, one of the famous generals of the Samurai army. At the foot of the mountain flows the beautiful Nagara River. The Gifu High School Choir resides within this environment, practicing energetically under the motto, “ a music which moves people’s hearts.” Choir members work together to improve their musical skills and develop a sense of teamwork. As volunteer work, the music club gives mini-concerts in hospitals and junior high schools to promote friendship. In March, an annual concert is held with graduates. The choir took part in the NHK National Music Contest, winning the gold prize at the JCA National Choral Competitions in 1999 and 2000.


Namibia National Youth Choir
From Namibia
Ernst van Biljon, Conductor
[Announcer: Bruce W. Becker, Board Member, WCS6 Board of Directors]

Safari Ya Bamba Girama Folk Song
Arr. Dr. A. Kemoli

Dumela Ma Afrika Tswana Folk Song

The River Ernst van Biljon

Goa gare !Khubare Religious Nama Song

Endeni Religious Ovambo Song

Sangena Xhosa Song
Arr. Mzilikazi Khumalo

Itupuka Kambembe Herero Song

Damara/Nama Medley Trad. Damara/Nama Songs
(Duruse/Sida ge/Khib/Nomali/Ma se dab)

Sanukudelela Xhosa Song

Skanda Mayeza Zulu Song

Namibia National Youth Choir
The Namibia National Youth Choir (NNYC), based in Windhoek, Namibia, unites area young people from different cultural backgrounds who share a common interest in music. The choir sings mainly a cappella and its repertoire includes music from the Renaissance to the present day, maintaining a balance between western classical music and the traditional music of Africa. Choir members are trained in vocal technique and theory, but also master the intricacies of African rhythm and movement. The creative talents of the young singers are explored, and they are encouraged to initiate their own projects in song, instrumental music and dance. The choir performs at the most prominent state functions throughout the year and appears regularly on Namibian radio and television. They tour worldwide with attention placed on reaching out to young people.

The choir sings under the baton of Ernst van Biljon who also conducts the Namibia Children's Choir and the Cantare Audire Chamber Choir. He studied music in South Africa and specialized in choral conducting at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in Holland. His work with singers from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds has gained him international recognition. He has been successful in fusing voices from a multicultural community into ensembles that are able to sing repertoire ranging from Mozart to mambo.

The Norwegian Soloists Choir
From Norway
Grete Pedersen HelgerØd, Conductor
[Announcer: Bruce W. Becker, Board Member, WCS6 Board of Directors]

Hear my prayer, O Lord Henry Purcell/Sven David Sandström

The Divine Image Jorge Cordoba Valencia
Commissioned for the Sixth World Symposium on Choral Music

Mon Dieu, mon adore Lasse Thoresen

Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied J.S. Bach
BWV 225

Sonnet nr. 76 Alfred Janson

Hvad est du dog skjön Fartein Valen

I Himmelen Edvard Grieg

The Norwegian Soloists Choir
The Norwegian Soloists Choir was founded in 1950 with a goal of achieving top-class status in the performance of choral music. Indeed, the choir has achieved a unique position of excellence within Norwegian musical circles, presenting nearly 200 premiere performances - 70 featuring Norwegian composers. The choir is an important ambassador for Norwegian culture at home and abroad, performing at numerous festivals. The Norwegian Soloists Choir represented Norway at EBU’s Palestrina festival in 1993 and won the choral competition “Let the Peoples Sing” in 1995. On several occasions, the choir has worked with conductor Eric Ericson, including a performance at the 1997 Winter Night festival in Oslo with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

Trained as a church musician and choral conductor, Grete Pedersen Helgerød has served as The Norwegian Soloists Choir conductor since 1990. She also conducts the Oslo Chamber Choir, which she founded in 1984. Her work has earned her a reputation as one of Norway’s leading and most versatile conductors, collaborating with contemporary, folk and jazz musicians.

Jorge Córdoba, Sixth World Symposium Commissioned Composer
Jorge Córdoba, a native of Mexico City, has gained prominence as a composer and conductor, performing throughout his homeland, as well as Spain, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Hungary and the U.S.A. He studied at the National Conservatory of Mexico and served as conductor for several well-known choirs, including the National Youth Choir, University National Choir and Madrigalist Choir. He has received numerous prizes for his musical activities, including first prize in the Third National Contest of Choral Music, and has participated in many contemporary music festivals. He has been producer of the recording series "Contemporary Chamber Music" since 1984. He is the coordinator of the University Choirs of the National University of Mexico.

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