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World Choral Spectacular
On the way home from work I caught the Elmer Isler Singers on WQED in Pittsburgh. Having majored in music ed. in college, I was hooked. I'll be listening to all the performances on the internet. I especially enjoy the vitallity and incomperable sound of excellent college choirs. St. Olaf is one of my favorites. Having experienced new music and styles from around the world as presented by the World Choral Spectacular choirs I'd like to say a heartfelt "Thank You"

Michael Scuro
Verona, PA

I came across a recent broadcast of the World Choral Spectacular and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the music. With your focus on choral music, I am wondering if you have ever heard the Philippine Madrigal Singers? If not, I suggest that you look for one of their CDs which should available on the Internet.

Andy Ponce
Pittsburgh, PA

First off, I don't like choral music - but then, because I listen to WNPR, I was caught off guard today, and was enchanted by the group from Namibia. If this is choral music, then YES! bring us more!

Kathy Harsany
Greenwich, CT

I am thoroughly enjoying the World Choral performances. I especially liked the Norwegian and Swedish ones (have not heard all four concerts in the series yet). I am amazed by the variety of sounds that these choruses demonstrate and also by the fact that different groups have such different styles.

I am a great fan of choral music, have sung in choruses and would like more choral music on public radio

Ann Mayer
Rochester, NY.

I am listening to the broadcast. Bravo! The recording is awesome. I'm reliving the wonderful experience of the symposium. This is truly the choral mecca. How lucky we are!

Bob Johnson, Manager, St. Olaf Choir

Simply amazing! From the details of the organization (it seemed we were in the Olimpics) to the quality that came from heaven of the performances, to the spectacular lectures and themes to the magic city of the Twin Cities... I met so many people, so many experiences, that my body hardly can stand the thrilness of what I lived. The Symposium gave me a nem perpective, more ambitious goals and the certain of the excitement and resposibility of being a conductor! Thankyou all who made it possible and see you in Kyoto!

Myguel Santos e Castro
Portugal, Vox Laci Choir

I was just introduced to this website by my daughter who lives in Nassau, Bahamas! .. I live in South Florida ...
wonderful music!!!

Nelly thomas, Homestead Florida

I ran across your program tonight and couldn't stop listening. What a magnificent program. Thank you. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to go to MN to hear the singers live. I will have to wait till the next festival to hear the music live.

Jannette Hanna-Ruiz, Bloomington Indiana

More Choral Broadcasting
Each run-out concert I have attended has been standing room only, proving there is audience for choral music in the Twin Cities. I challenge APM to continue to provide coverage of choral events including ALL the fine ensembles resident in the Twin Cities after the Symposium folks have gone home!

--M.A. Minneapolis, MN

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the live concerts and the radio broadcasts of the concerts we couldn't attend. I only wish you could devote a weekly hour on public radio to the great choirs from around the world. I would venture that for every "Pipe Dreams' listener, you would have 100 listeners for the choral music.

--Robert Wilson, Lakeville, MN

Then you will be happy to know that APM is producing a nationally available 4 part special from the Symposium available in January 2003!

Attended concerts
My husband and I attended the concert of the Elmer Iseler Singers at St. Mark's last Monday evening. It was wonderful! I also attended the concert of the Taiwanese choir the following evening and loved the energy and enthusiasm of the group. This has been a marvelous week for people who love choral music. Thank you for bringing the Symposium to Minnesota.

--Carol Flint, Minneapolis MN

For one week I experienced some of the most beautiful and innovative choirs in the world. Seeing and hearing so many different ways to present music was most amazing to me.

I, too, was stunned by the amazing music of the Gifu High School Choir from Japan. The Ansan City Choir from Korea moved the audience to tears--myself included, and I don't even understand a word of Korean! How can this be?! You can listen to many of their selections at http://park.conductor21.co.kr

What a great week! To Philip Brunelle and the many others who made this past week possible: Thank you very, very much.

--Brad A. Schewe, Minneapolis, MN

Cubans blocked from entering U.S. for symposium
Word has it they are armed with lyrics.....we must defend ourselves..."

--Steve P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Where do I find tapes?
There were many special moments in the concerts associated with the Symposium... The highlight for me was the finale to the Namibian concert, when the Korean choir, who had given a concert earlier in the evening, joined them onstage for a spontaneous rendering of "Shenandoah". I'm certain no one present will forget that evening...

I was also stunned by the amazing music of the Gifu High School Choir from Japan - and I would be very interested to hear from anyone who might know where I could get further information about this group, or where I could find any CDs or tapes they may have made (batch369@yahoo.com). Thanks!

--Tom Bachelder Minneapolis MN

MSU Children's Choir
"The Michigan State University Children's Choir gave a remarkable performance today. They are not only superb musicians but they are also a role model for children over the globe of what can be accomplished with dedication, passion and discipline! Bravo to the World Choral Symposium for including the purity of children voices in their program!!"

--Teresa Tatto, East Lansing, Michigan

"Congratulations and BRAVO!!!!! to the Michigan State University Children's Choir for a wonderful and remarkable performance. The songs were soul stirring and beautiful. The months of hardwork and training all paid off. Bravo!! and Kudos!!! to All."

--Dr. Anna Allen, Jackson, Michigan

Professional Singing
"Thanks for making so much choral music available to us this week. It has been a rare privilege to hear so much astonishingly professional singing from around the world. It reminds me of why I gave up singing.

I was tired of pretending that I cared about most of the subject matter: hailing Mary, Polly putting the kettle on, or stroking God's ego. I got paid to fake it for years and I imagine the tradition continues; it is a testament to the incredible professionalism of these choirs that I can't detect what is authentic and what is mere show. I long for those authentic human moments where freedom of expression and individualism meet technique and discipline; where the joy of singing and daring vocal acrobatics meet with the composers' best imaginings. Where the power of joining in song is not hijacked for didactic purpose. Where the performers' technique is employed to amplify their innermost beliefs not disguise them. Am I alone in this view?"

--Paul Smith, St. Paul, Minnesota


Dumbing Down
Loved the discussion about St. Olaf music, but really resist the idea that churches are dumbing down if that style is not their church music style. Martin Luther himself took the contemporary music from the bars and wrote new words so that it would appeal to many and be easy and familiar to sing.

--RHR, Plymouth, Minnesota


More Streaming!
"My sister has been so excited by this world class presentation of voices and melodies . .she has been personally in attendance at many of the concerts. Because of her total enthusiasm, I have been able to follow along from my office and home in California. Bravo! Brava! Please do more streaming!!!"

--Constance Beutel, Benicia, California

Thanks for making this event available over the web. And thanks to all the performers and folks who made this wonderful event a reality. Jobs took us from the Twin Cities five years ago, and I cannot tell you how exciting it was to "re-connect" with the incredible choral hospitality and singers and conductors of the area -- augmented by sounds from around the world. Thank you.

--John and Jeanne Duffy, Gettysburg, PA


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