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An Orchestra of One:
Richard Johnson's Winslaphones
by Phil Bilodeau; Flash animation by Jeff Feddersen
June, 1999

SOMETIMES A CONVENTIONAL INSTRUMENT just won't do. So composer Richard Johnson built his own - the winslaphones. Made from parts of a trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and a host of other instruments, the winslaphones produces an incredible array of sounds and tones.

RICHARD JOHNSON'S CREATION is only the latest expression of his longtime interest in new music, and is still a work in progress. Learn about the evolution of the winslaphones and how it fits into Johnson's future plans, and see pictures of this unique instrument.

What did you think of the winslaphones? Have you made your own instrument, or ever wanted to? What does new music mean to you? Talk about these and other issues in the MPR Forum, joined by authorities in the field.

EXPLORE THE WORLD of new and experimental music with this guide to helpful Web sites, books, and periodicals.

Take the tour, create a symphony, or just noodle around!

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Richard Johnson plays Twinkle, Twinkle on his creation, the winslaphones.
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