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It's Spring in Minnesota and your dog may have special needs.

"Yes, I Am Wireless"
Got a cellphone? Got a good plan?

Morning Show Holiday Pageant and Variety ShowMorning Show Holiday Pageant and Variety Show
Dale Connelly, Jim Ed Poole, and the Morning Show Players were at it again, this year retelling the Frank Capra classic It's a Wonderful Life. They were joined by musical guests Prudence Johnson, Dan Chouinard, Marcy Marxer, and Cathy Fink. Hear the entire show or listen to individual segments. (12/12/2003)
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John GorkaJohn Gorka in the studio
Singer-songwriter John Gorka stopped by to tell us about his new CD Old Futures Gone. (10/29/2003)

Randy Newman
Randy Newman stops by the studios to chat about his career past and present with Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole. (10/06/2003)
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The Intimida Sherpa—"Oatmeal"
Sometimes motorists just need something bigger ... stronger ... to handle those unexpected highway incidents—such as an overturned tanker truck leaking tons of hot, gooey oatmeal. (09/19/2003)

Bud Buck reports live from Hurricane Isabelle
Every sensible person has left the North Carolina coast. Only the reporters remain to tell people they would be fools to stick around. (09/19/2003)

Captain Billy reacts to National Talk Like A Pirate Day
"An adjustment in vocaublary and cadence"? Captain Billy has no idea what Dale is talking about. (09/19/2003)

Genway Super Irradiated Meat
Dr. Larry Kyle assures our listeners that Genway's radiation experiments may cause unpredicatable but positive results. (09/10/2003)

Dooley Cosmetic Services
Dooley Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will distract observers from the imperfections of your face with some dramatic changes—for a fraction of the cost! (09/10/2003)

The Morning Show on a stick
Listen to Jim Ed Poole and Dale Connelly at the 2003 Minnesota State Fair with Carly Clumsy, Jacque Pierre and Mrs. Panache, Dr. Larry Kyle, and special guests John Gorka, the Cafe Accordion Orchestra stage band, and Ann Reed, who, with the assistance of a couple of Girl Scouts, hunts down the Star Tribune's Eric Ringham. (08/22/2003)
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Dr. Jim Jevitis tells us how to avoid those nasty mouth pigeons with the marvelous qualities of Oraflakes. (07/07/2003)

The Morning Show Historic Theater Project: Live from St. Cloud
The Morning Show crew performed an evening concert at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud. Hear highlights from performances by musical guests Suzzy and Maggie Roche, and The George Maurer Jazz Group, as well as Dale and Jim Ed's comic scripts. (06/20/2003)

The Morning Show Historic Theater Project: Live from Red Wing
Dale, Jim Ed, and the Morning Show crew took on Red Wing for a live broadcast from the historic Sheldon Theatre. Special guests include Cam Waters, Prudence Johnson, Dan Chouinard, and the John Paulson Jazz Quartet. (05/02/2003)

Accounting Tax Tips
April 15 is just a week away, and Gary Sly is here from accounting firm Gamble and Hyde to talk about last-minute strategies as you prepare your paperwork. (04/07/2003)

Spendie/Popper - SpanPax 2
The show is brought to you in part by Spendie/Popper, the maker of Spanpax, the little green pill that helps you feel better about everything. (04/07/2003)

Yes I Am Wireless - Concert
Stay in touch, and fill all the quiet spaces that surround you with incessant communication through Yes I Am Wirless! (04/07/2003)

Sherpa - Hybrid
The Sherpa from Intimida is a mighty big car—and now your Sherpa can be a mighty earth-friendly car too! (04/07/2003)

Genway - Famous Name Mushrooms
We don't guarantee their safety, but these mushrooms are endorsed by celebrities—the DNA of your favorite celebrity is right here in the mushroom! (04/07/2003)

Loomis Beechly - French Fries
Curious about "freedom fries," Dale Connelly checks in with the Congressman representing Minnesota's 8th district, all the water surface area in the state, the Honorable Loomis Beechly. (03/13/2003)

Sherpa - Magna Glass
Magna Glass is an Intimida innovation that uses the same proven technology in microscopes and telescopes to increase your size in proportion to the car you're driving. (03/12/2003)

In Conversation with Joyce AndersenIn Conversation with Joyce Andersen
Singer-songwriter Joyce Andersen is out with a new recording called Right Where I Should Be. We recently interviewed her from her home on the coast of Maine, where she works often with guitarist Harvey Reid. (03/11/2002)

Genway - Bullwinkle Salmon
Dr. Larry Kyle explains the controversy behind Genway's salmon, which has been enhanced with DNA from a moose. (03/10/2003)

Bowserbed - Pet Spending
Sparky knows how much money Americans spend on their pets every year—and he wants in on it! (03/06/2003)

Sunday in the Park with George
Rodney Coe and Ann Michels, the principal performers of the Theater Latte Da cast of Sunday in the Park with George stopped by to talk about their production. (03/05/2003)

The show is brought to you, in part, by Found Snacks, makers of low-fat Neutrinos. There's nothing to them! No fat, no cholesterol, no calories—no substance and no mass! (03/03/2003)

Yes I Am Wireless - Rendezvous
The show is brought to you, in part, by Yes I Am Wireless, inviting you to share the wonder. Going wireless frees you up anytime, anywhere, no matter who is or isn't paying attention. (03/03/2003)

Sherpa Caballero - Grand Canyon Tires
The show is brought to you, in part, by the Sherpa sport utility vehicle from Intimida, now available in the Caballero edition for the lonesome wanderer of the wide open spaces. (03/03/2003)

Genway - Chameleon Pears
The show is brought to you, in part, by Genway, the supermarket for genetically engineered foods, where the special this week is Chameleon Pears! (03/03/2003)

Spendie/Popper - Spanpax
This show is also brought to by by Spendie/Popper—The Drug Company. Makers of BanFlab, NeutraChump and SpanPax. (03/03/2003)

The Morning Show Historic Theater Project: Live from Worthington
Dale and Jim Ed celebrate the day of love with music from singer/songwriters Neal and Leandra, and Peter Mayer. Listen online to all music, humor, Valentine's Day greetings, and special love stories from listeners. (02/14/2003)

Ricky Skaggs
Country star Ricky Skaggs stopped by the studio to talk with the Morning Show gang. (02/13/2003)

Sherpa - Failure to Yield
The Morning Show is brought to you with support from the Sherpa sport utility vehicle, from Intimida. It's a mighty big car! And a mighty big car can come in mighty handy when you're driving in Minnesota, known nationally as home of selfish drivers who refuse to yield. (01/30/2003)

Genway Winter Tomatoes
Dr. Larry Kyle introduces the new Genway Husky Tomato, which has been crossed with Siberian huskies to help the fruit thrive in the winter. (01/30/2003)

State of the Union Applause
The State of the Union speech is famous for being interrupted by applause. Oscar Standerfer, an ovation consultant and applause coach, drops by the studio to examine the State of the Union applause and to give Dale a lesson in the art of applause. (01/29/2003)

Captain Billy - All-Pirate Superbowl
The Super Bowl was something of a disappointment, but disappointment comes easily after a big buildup. Part of the big buildup was the clash of the pirate teams. That element got the attention of Captain Billy and the crew of the Muskelunge. (01/27/2003)

Genway Giant Parsley
Responding to the increase in size of restaurant serving portions, Dr. Larry Kyle debuts the Genway Giant Parsley. (01/24/2003)

Morning Show Sponsors
Hear some recent announcements from Morning Show sponsors Intimida, makers of the Sherpa SUV; Bowserbed; and Genway, the supermarket for genetically designed foods. (01/10/2003)
Listen: Sherpa | Bowserbed | Genway

The Queen of 42nd StreetThe Queen of 42nd Street
The national tour of 42nd Street opened at the Ordway on Tuesday night. Unlike many national tours, 42nd Street features the same number of cast members as the Broadway version. Blair Ross, who plays Dorothy Brock in the show, visited with Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole. (12/19/2002)

The Genway Christmas Tree
Dale takes a moment to talk to Dr. Larry Kyle about his new genetically engineered Christmas tree, from the foodlab of Morning Show sponsor Genway. (12/18/2002)

Katie McMahon
Irish singer and harper Katie McMahon chats with Dale and Jim Ed and plays a few holiday songs. (12/18/2002)
Listen: Part 1, Part 2 | More

Holiday Pageant and Variety Show
Hear the Morning Show Pageant Players present a truly unique version of A Christmas Carol. Download your own copy of the script! And hear highlights from live performances by the Jaztronauts and Canadian folk diva Connie Kaldor. (12/06/2002)

The Blenders
Two of the vocal foursome The Blenders, Darren Rust and Tim Kasper, chatted with Dale and Jim Ed about what they've been up to recently. Hear a couple of songs from their Christmas disc When it Snows. (12/04/2002)
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Neal and Leandra
Folk duo Neal Hagberg and Leandra Peak drop by for a chat with Dale and Jim Ed and some holiday tunes, and to revisit previous visits to The Morning Show. (11/27/2002)
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Michael Monroe
Folk singer Michael Monroe drops by the studio for a chat and some songs. (11/20/2002)
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Lerner and Loewe's Legend
S The cast of the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres production of Camelot drop by The Morning Show to chat with Dale and Jim Ed, and to sing some songs from the show. (11/01/2002)
Listen: Part 1, Part 2

Pete Morton
The eccentric folk singer stops in to talk with Dale and Jim Ed, and to play a few songs. (10/31/2002)
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The Morning Show Historic Theater Project: Live from Hibbing
The Morning Show brought humor, stories, and music to the historic Hibbing High School Auditorium on October 4 for a live program. Listen to the show in its entirety on the Web. (10/04/2002)

Special thanks to Bowserbed
One of The Morning Show's most faithful sponsors is Bowserbed, the vibrating pad for dogs. Do your best friend a favor and entertain him with these Bowserbed-supported moments from some recent broadcasts (09/24/2002):
• The Foxhunt—Listen
• Nature Boy—Listen

Garnet Rogers in conversation
Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole talk with singer/songwriter and Morning Show guest Garnet Rogers about his life and work. (08/05/2002)

Teddy in the Vat
Dale Connelly retells the story of "Casey at the Bat" with the Ted Williams cryonics controversy in mind. (07/16/2002)
ListenThe Morning Show Evening Concert
Dale and Jim Ed host a musical evening of fun with Lou and Peter Berryman, Harvey Reid, and Joyce Andersen. Hear the concert in its entirety or by segment. (05/31/2002)

The Morning Show Historic Theater Project: Live from Fargo
The Morning Show began its tour of historic theaters at the Fargo Theater on April 5. (04/05/2002)

A Special Playlist
Jim Ed and Dale compiled a very thoughtful list of appropriate songs to play for Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001, the day after the infamous World Trade Center disaster. Many listeners have called us to ask about those songs, so here is a link to the playlist for Wednesday, September 12, 2001. (09/12/2001)

Dennis Tito's Space Diary
American millionaire Dennis Tito was persuaded to sign an agreement stating that he would pay for anything he might damage or break during his "mission" in space. Dale Connelly imagines the diary Tito might be keeping from the international space station. (04/27/2001)

Dale Connelly Reporting
Join Dale Connelly for a comically irreverent look at the news. This feature is archived in its entirety here. (10/15/1999 - 12/29/2000)

Songs of the State and Fair
Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole hosted a special Fair-only musical performance, "Songs of the State and the Fair," at the MPR booth. Listen to the entire event or just a song or two from musical guests Ann Reed, Peter Ostroushko, Charlie Maguire, Ruth MacKenzie, and Vern Sutton. (08/25/2000)

The Pet on the Net
What would Dr. Seuss say about the rise of the 'Net? Why, for kids to get into mischief, it's the best way yet! The Morning Show guys do their own Seusslike take on kids alone, online shopping, and a virtual friend in the ode The Pet on the Net. (08/27/1999)

The Most Magical Time
It's the time of shopping, of sharing, and of congressional court proceedings. (12/15/1998)

Governor Body
Show Tunes and Jesse? A natural combination for The Morning Show's Dale Connelly—sung to "Gee, Officer Krupke" from West Side Story. (01/04/1999)
Gee Jesse the Body, this candidate thing.
It was a big surprise to see your hat in the ring.
It wasn't the ring that you know most about,
Where you can throw opponents out.
(Ow, they're out!)


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